The City That Care Forgot

Interlude: Session Zero

An Ominous Conversation

"So," he paused to take a sip of his coffee, lingering for a moment as an affront to his guest. "What do you think of the Warden?"

"I think her skill is exceeded by her arrogance. Something you can empathize with, I'm sure." Emiline answered, arms crossed over her chest as she looked down at the seated man.

A wry smile crossed the gentleman's face as he returned the vampire's gaze, not quite meeting her eyes. "That wasn't very nice."

"My patience with your progress is waning."

"Well, if you can think of someone more capable of deciphering Kemmler's text, you're welcome to replace me. Then again, most of the Necromancer's disciples are somewhat less than trustworthy."

"Implying that you are?"

"Goodness no. I'm merely the devil you know. You're an immortal, act like it and show a little patience. You want me to get this right."

Emiline smiled, an expression that didn't even approach her eyes, "It's unwise to push me, Warlock. As you say, I have an eternity? What's an extra few decades trapped in this shell in the face of your insubordination?"

"That's your mistake. I'm not your subordinate. Go home. Start hunting for your new body. I'm close.



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