The City That Care Forgot

Session Zero

A Gathering of Lost Souls

We got together to hash out characters and figure out how they fit into the city.

Brian has settled on Dr. Mudd, a 'mildly' clued in mortal Surgeon, who's considered an asset by the White Council, and is called on to provide medical care for the supernatural community, whom might not be comfortable with a hospital. His curiosity for the supernatural and penchant for keeping exhaustive notes will certainly be an asset to any team.

Joanna is playing a wealthy White Council Warden from London, named Lady Winifred, who /certainly/ hasn't ticked off the White Council in general, to the point where they shipped her to the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is New Orleans. And they certainly don't hope she meets an untimely fate while bringing order to the chaos. Thankfully, her innate superiority to all of the peasants around her guarantees she will face no difficulty bringing the city and it's denizens to heel.

Thomas is playing a stage magician, The Magnificent Frederick,  who's terrible at slight of hand, but skilled at using magic to mislead and mesmerize. Awkward, clumsy, and possessing of a powerful sense of self preservation, the stage mesmerist is surely thrilled that the Warden has come to town.

Lauren is playing a New Orleans native named Violetta. Half human and half swamp pixie, the shortish young woman has recently turned 19 and is eager to prove to the world that she's a capable woman who can make her own decisions and follow her own destiny. Her mother and grandmother aren't as convinced, and want her to stay safe, perhaps marry a nice doctor, and keep working in the family's apothecary.

Randy is playing a peculiar do-gooder who pretends to be a priest and can speak with the dead. Father Thyme drinks, roams the streets trying to help people out, and maintains his fancy car. He's a regular fixture at the House of the Rising Sun, and is well known in Storyville for his kind deeds.

Once people had characters fairly nailed down, the session revolved around one of the new Winifred's first nights in town. She was invited to the House of the Rising Sun to meet Emiline, the leader of the Casket Girls, a scourge of Black Court Vampires that have ruled the supernatural community in New Orleans for over 200 years. Emiline welcomed the Warden and expressed a willingness to work with the Wizard. She also warned that Baron Cinor, of the Zobop, is looking for one of Kemmler's journals, a magic tome of Necromantic knowledge that is just purely bad news.

While cordial, the meeting definitely held a specific sort of tone. Emiline made it clear that she didn't consider the Warden a threat to her control of the city and implied she wouldn't interfere with the Warden's business, so long as the Winifred didn't interfere with hers, but wasn't above killing wizards who stepped out of line.

Meanwhile, the good Dr. Mudd enjoyed some lovely pheasant, a solid 7.98 on his dinner scale, while the Father Thyme played chess with the 'Ghost of Jean Lafitte'. It's not Jean Lafitte's ghost. It's the ghost of a pirate who served with Jean Lafitte, who claims to be the legendary pirate. The priest tends to humor him.

After the meeting, Thyme tried to greet the Warden, to little affect, but did manage to give her a playing card with his contact information.

Back at Winifred's hotel, she went home to change for dinner, while Dr. Mudd walked across the street to speak with Violetta, telling her about the Warden and learning that Wardens murder children. At least, some do apparently. Violetta's elders encouraged the two to spend some quiet time together, for no reason.

Inside the hotel's restaurant, a nervous, yet magnificent, Frederick tried to entertain a largely disinterested room, including a certain Warden. While the show didn't live up to it's promise, the crowd work afterwards drew hearty laughs from a contingent of Italian gentlemen, at the cost of Frederick's dignity, a slim cost indeed.

At the very end of the session, a message was delivered for Father Thyme, but that was a spur of the moment GM decision, so that might change before we play again.

Next Time on The City That Care Forgot:

'Welcome to New Orleans'



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