Campaign Aspects

Campaign Aspects for The City That Care Forgot

A Storm is Coming

There is a lot of strife and conflict in New Orleans during this time period, and a lot of those conflicts are primed to come to a head. Be it rival supernatural factions, the mayor vs. the governor, or simply a brewing rivalry between two Garden District Ladies, there's a lot of tension just waiting to blow up. Oh, and best believe there will be a hurricane at some point.

It's Not Just the Streets That Are Crooked

Corruption is everywhere. Your pharmacist sells hooch out of his back room. Bribes and graft are the assumed way to do business and are budgeted for. While the police are interested in keeping the peace, they're disinclined to enforce the law of the land. When outsiders come into the city, they're either corrupted, killed, or driven off. That doesn't mean the honest and honorable don't exist, it's just they're the exception, not the rule.


Campaign Aspects

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