House of the Rising Sun

The Rising Sun is a private supper club in New Orleans that caters to the supernaturally aware. You don't need to have magical abilities, but you need to be clued in. There is a warding on the building that causes people to ignore it unless they are a member, or are being escorted by a member. That helps it be one of the most secure speakeasies in town.

In addition to world class dining at reasonable prices, The House of the Rising Sun offers two separate gaming parlors, a couple of lounges for leisurely conversation, and even temporary, if expensive, lodging for visiting guests and unfortunate locals. Shockingly, the establishment is integrated, allowing not only blacks and whites, but men and women as well. The only criteria is that one must be aware of the mystical world. That said, the groups tend to self segregate into the different areas.

The House's staff is well trained and attentive, but doesn't react well to blatant disrespect. That is largely because of the unfailing support of the House's owner, Jonas. Jonas is a handsome, genial mulatto man who's word is law in the House. He has faced down both a Knight of the Sword and Emiline herself over the years. There are a number of stories circling about Jonas, largely wondering who or what he is. One popular story is that a bold wizard once soul gazed him, stared wide eyed for a long moment, then screamed as his eyes caught fire and burned out of his skull before he died.

Which, of course, is nonsense.


House of the Rising Sun

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