Storyville is New Orleans' infamous Red Light District. In the real world, it was shut down in 1917, but in our Dresdenverse, it's alive, well, and more vigorous than ever. Founded in 1897 by municipal ordinance, Storyville is a 16 block neighborhood with city sanctioned vice where prostitution and drug use are decriminalized.

Establishments in Storyville ranged from cheap "cribs" to more expensive houses, up to a row of elegant mansions along Basin Street for well-heeled customers. New Orleans' cribs were 50-cent joints, whereas the more expensive establishments could cost up to $10.  Following the establishment of these brothels, restaurants and saloons began to open in Storyville, bringing in additional tourists.

Unsurprisingly, the White Court has a substantial presence in Storyville. What might be surprising is that it's not House Raith, but rather House Skavis that has the most influence over the district, feeding off the lonely and desperate. Carlisle Skavis is the ranking Skavis in New Orleans, and all White Court in the city are required to answer to him, or leave. Carlisle is getting tired of paying tithes for his businesses to the Casket Girls, and is looking for a way to get rid of Emiline.

Carlisle is also deeply in bed with the Italian Mafia, which is pushing hard into the city, disrupting the local organized crime organizations. While not a 'Made Man' himself, he and Charley Matranga have an understanding, and some white court vampires with Italian blood serve as enforces for the mafia.


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