The Casket Girls

Over 200 years ago, in the 1720's, a Black Court Vampire named Emiline left France, seeking a place where she could be free from the domineering, male dominated European scourge. She brought with her a number of thralls and Renfields, all female, who served as wives for many of the original settlers of New Orleans. Since that time, Emiline has carefully and skillfully woven her web of influence through the city. She is not a vampire with grand aspirations of world dominance. She merely wants a place for her and her brood to live in comfort, without needing to answer to anyone.

Unfortunately, the city has grown too influential for her to avoid entanglements. The Red Court is aggressively pushing into New Orleans, seeking control of their docks. Decades ago, she allowed the White Court to take control of Storyville, and is coming to regret that decision. She's also concerned with rumors of a Bokor who possesses The Heart of Kemmler, a necromantic tone of immeasurable power.

Make no mistake, Emiline and her brood are monsters. They are responsible for uncounted deaths in The Big Easy. The Casket Girls are concerned with the overall well being and prosperity of New Orleans, but could care less about any individual mortal. While it's been three decades since the publishing of Bram Stoker's Dracula which exposed the Black Court's weaknesses, the Casket Girl's discretion combined with their ruthless squashing of any would be hunters, has worked well to keep them safe.

The Casket Girls brood in the aptly name Home for Homeless Young Women, a homeless shelter that serves runaways, unmarried pregnant women, and other young women who've fallen on hard times. New thralls and renfields are exclusively created from this population, so going to war with the Casket Girls means life or death struggles with those women. 

Emiline with wig and heavy makeup.

The Casket Girls

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