Ghosts of New Orleans

New Orleans has a long history with Ghosts. Such stories are so common, most residents don't consider ghosts 'para'-normal, just normal. The vast majority of spirits are simply harmless phantasms that give character to a city full of them, however, there are darker tales of possession, poltergeists, and vengeful shades that prey upon the living.

There are too many notable hauntings to list here, but there are a couple of factions that must be addressed.

First, the Ladies’ First Spiritual Aid Society is an organization of women who specialize in helping people with 'difficult' hauntings. They perform exorcisms, purifications, and counseling for the white, upper class of New Orleans. There are rumors in supernatural circles that they are supported by the Casket Girls, but there is little hard evidence that they're anything more than a knitting circle that happens to bust ghosts.

Second, Baron Amadou is a houngan who performs a similar service for the black, lower class portion of the city. He's a medium who tries to bring closure, and is known for trapping spirits in jars. His ghost jars can fetch a pretty penny, depending on the power and age of the spirit trapped within.

Ghosts of New Orleans

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